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Why Metal Wall Art Prints?

Metal prints are amazing. For years, I printed framed and canvas prints and enjoyed those mediums. However, once I discovered metal prints, I never turned back. Let me explain why.


One of the issues that always comes up with paper print is color fastness. Take any of paper print and place it in the light, even light form incandescent light bulbs and the colors begin to fade away. The color on metal prints never fades. I wanted to find out just how true that was. I took one of my metal prints and taped cardboard across half of it, leaving the other half exposed. I placed on my back porch, directly in the sunlight, in summer. I left it like that for 6 months. In fact, I sort of forgot about it. 6 months later I saw it there and removed the cardboard. You literally could not tell which side had been exposed to the light. 

I may ask, "How about Acrylic Prints?" Acrylic prints are paper prints with a sheet of acrylic over the the front of them. The light will still fade the colors. 

Canvas print also fade in light.

The Window Effect

I friend of mine who is also a professional landscape photographer put it this way, "Put a framed print on the wall and it looks like hung art. Put a metal print on the wall and it looks like a window onto the scene in the print." I had been aware of this myself, but I thought he summed it up pretty well. 


When I started realizing the durability of metal prints, I was blown away. You can clean them with soap and water or glass cleaner. You can't do that with a paper or canvas print.


I think the main reason I love metal prints, is what they do for my images. The colors and tone pop. I find it impossible to realize the same level of dynamics with any other print medium. 


The reasons I think metal prints are the way to go.

  • They are colorfast and you don't have to worry about them fading.
  • They are durable and easily cleaned.
  • They show off my image in a way no other medium can.

I know if you are not familiar with metal prints, you are probably questioning buying one, or three. I hope my perspective ion it is useful to you.

Greg Milligan (Photographer)