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Greg Milligan Photographer hold Life Guard Towers in the Winter


Greg Milligan shoots fine art landscape photography. His wall art prints bring color, warmth and style to homes and offices. His photographic style might be best described as relaxed and easy portrayal of extraordinary scenes. Sunsets and sunrises are his specialty, where he "chases the light to find special moments to share with others".

Education & Music

Greg graduated from Monterey Peninsula College where he studied fine arts. He was primarily focused on music and spent several years playing Classical, Rock-a-billy, Jazz and World Beat music. At some point he shifted his emphasis from music to visual arts, with photography front and center. Now, he contends "Light is my music and images are my songs", in reference to his music career. Also, "my musicianship has helped me to see beauty and understand composition, to tell a story."      

Photography as Profession 

Greg started professional photography in the commercial services, where he worked shooting real estate, weddings, products and portraitures. This helped him to master the technical aspects of the camera. In 2013 he decided to shoot local landmarks to build a calendar for his commercial clients. The warm response to his images, encouraged him to concentrate on fine art landscape photography. Since then, he has been exclusively selling landscape fine art to private and commercial patrons.

Santa Cruz Art Prints 

Greg owns and operates Santa Cruz Art Prints. He wanted a way to deliver gallery quality prints to locals at a direct from artist price. His mission is to bring the color and beauty around us into home and work spaces.    


Greg Milligan 
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