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Keeping it Weird: Embrace the Quirky Side of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, California, Weird, Whacky

Santa Cruz has a unique vibe and it's not afraid to embrace its quirky side. "Keep Santa Cruz weird" is a mantra that celebrates the town's offbeat charm. And, it's one of the reasons we love it here.

But what does "Keep Santa Cruz weird" mean? For starters, it means embracing the town's unique character. We're not afraid to be a little different, whether that means dyeing our hair pink, dressing up in costumes for no reason, or playing a didgeridoo on the street corner. We take pride in being unconventional and expressing ourselves in creative ways.

Keeping Santa Cruz weird is also about preserving the town's sense of community and those things that make it special, like our local businesses, beautiful natural surroundings, and laid-back lifestyle. Embracing our weirdness or difference is the best way to protect these things from the homogenizing forces of modern life.

Keep Santa Cruz Weird

Sure, not everyone gets it. Some folks might think we're a little too strange. But that's okay. We're not trying to be like everyone else. We're happy being our own quirky selves. We think that's what makes Santa Cruz such a great place to live.

So when visit Santa Cruz, don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly. Try a weird-looking vegan restaurant, or strike up a conversation with the guy playing bongos on the street corner. You might even find that keeping Santa Cruz weird can be a lot of fun.

Santa Cruz celebrates individuality and community in equal measure, making it a special place to live. So come on down, weird out a little, and embrace the quirky side of Santa Cruz. You won't always get it, bet's keep it weird anyway.

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