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Showcasing Santa Cruz: How Our Art Prints Adorn a New Facility


Triptych of Capitola Pier at Sunrise, metal prints


We are thrilled to announce that Santa Cruz Art Prints recently had the opportunity to provide 20 large metal wall art prints to a new, modern facility in our hometown, Dientes Community Dental Care. The prints were of various stunning landscapes of “Santa Cruz”, “Capitola,” “West Cliff,” “Seacliff,” and “Aptos.” We are proud to have been chosen to provide the wall art for this modern, expansive, community centered facility.


Under the Pier, Dientes Community Dental Care


The metal prints range in size from 30” x 45” up to 40” x 60”. We also created two triptychs specifically for Dientes' requirement. While we didn’t previously offer triptychs, we are pleased to now add these to our collection. All of the prints were created using metal sublimation printing, which adds a beautiful luminescence to the artwork and also makes the prints incredibly durable and color-fast.


Dientes Community Dental Care, Capitola Wharf at Sunrise


We are grateful to Dientes Community Dental Care for choosing Santa Cruz Art Prints to provide the artwork for their new facility. It is an honor to represent Santa Cruz in this way and we hope that our prints will inspire others to appreciate the rare beauty of our hometown.


Greg Milligan
Photographer & Owner

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