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Bringing Santa Cruz Home: How Our Prints Soothe Homesick Souls

Depot Hill, Capitola, Coastal Wall Print, Santa Cruz

Hey, fellow Cruzians! Whether you've moved away from our beloved coastal paradise or know someone who has, the longing for the memories and connections we've made in this beautiful place is real. At Santa Cruz Art Prints, I've discovered that our wall art prints have become more than just a way to showcase stunning images of Santa Cruz – they've become a lifeline to those suffering "homesick blues."

A Connection That Runs Deep

Over the years, I've learned a lot about the people who purchase my landscape art prints. One of the most surprising revelations has been the number of customers who are homesick for Santa Cruz and turn to my artwork to help ease a longing for home.

Moving away from friends, family, and the picturesque beauty of Santa Cruz can be tough. Whether you have moved to Texas, or just over the hill, the feeling is real. It's a challenge to recreate those special connections in a new home. Trust me, I get it. What really took me by surprise, though, was just how many people share this sentiment. I'd say about 30% of my Santa Cruz art print buyers are folks who once lived here and now miss it.

Initially, I thought customers were drawn to my prints for their "deep colors", "composition" or "amazing depth of perspective." While these aspects certainly play a role, I've found that many buyers have a deeply personal connection to the specific locations in my photographs. Around 30% of my print sales are to people outside of Santa Cruz who miss the place and seek something to remind them of cherished moments & memories.

A Mission to Evoke Fond Memories

While it's saddening to know that people feel such a sense of loss, it also brings me immense joy to think that one of my wall art prints can provide them with comfort. Each time they look at the print, they're transported back to a place they hold dear in their hearts.

When I set out to capture a scene, my mission is to create an image that puts the viewer right in the heart of their cherished memories. Although this might not be a traditional artistic approach, it's what my customers are looking for – and I know this because I've asked them.

I strive to keep my photography authentic, capturing the essence of Santa Cruz and the surrounding coastal towns, so those who love it can find pleasure in my artwork. My goal is to create prints that not only showcase the beauty of our beloved home but also evoke the emotions and connections that make it so special.


If you're homesick for Santa Cruz, or the coast in general, know that you're not alone. Through my art prints, I hope to bring a piece of our stunning paradise to those who miss it and remind them of the unforgettable memories they've made here. So, whether you're looking for a gift for a loved one or something to remind you of your treasured past, Santa Cruz Art Prints is here to bring comfort and nostalgia to your heart.    


Greg Milligan
Photographer & Owner
Santa Cruz Art Prints

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